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ISSP Certification Exam Now Available Year-Round

When it was first introduced, the ISSP Certification exam was available only during specific testing windows. Now, candidates can pursue ISSP Certification any time.

ISSP Certification Exam Now Available Year-Round

It has been eight months since the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) launched its professional sustainability certification program, and during this time, the organization has been collecting feedback from various stakeholders on the ways in which it can improve its ISSP Certification exam processes.

If you want to learn more about the ISSP Certification program for a moment, please visit our ISSP Sustainability Certification page and then you can rejoin us to learn how the ISSP exam will be updated going forward.

ISSP Test Seasons vs. Year-Round Testing

The sustainability-focused membership association recently announced that the first-tier credential, called ISSP Sustainability Associate (ISSP-SA), will become far more accessible due to a new year-round testing process.

Initially, those interested in earning the ISSP Sustainability Associate Certification were asked to register for the exam and schedule a testing appointment within a pre-determined window of time. This “test season” gave candidates the time to learn the sustainability principles outlined in the ISSP Job Task Analysis while also committing to this goal upfront and utilizing money budgeted for professional development training. The first test season for the ISSP Sustainability Associate exam was extended from Feb. 18, 2017 to April 22, 2017.

Going forward, the ISSP-SA exam will have year-round availability, which means that candidates will be able to register for the exam and schedule a testing appointment any time at their convenience.

ISSP Certification exam offered year-round

ISSP Year-Round Testing is a Step in the Right Direction

This is a wonderful improvement, and we’re really excited about the message that this sends to aspiring sustainability practitioners.

During the “test season” process, candidates felt added pressure about scheduling their ISSP exam within the allotted window of time. Some candidates expressed concern over when to expect the next test season after April 22. The question was, “If I can’t schedule my exam before April 22, when will I have another opportunity?”

And that uncertainty led to several qualified candidates questioning the long-lasting impact that an ISSP Certification would offer. In other words, there were misunderstandings surrounding the “test season” concept; some took this process to mean that ISSP Certification itself was purely an experiment. Without knowing whether there would be additional test season windows, candidates wondered if ISSP Certification was ever intended to be a career asset for competent sustainability practitioners or just a one-chance achievement for a select few.

This snowball of uncertainty was a necessary growing pain, but rest assured – the ISSP Certification program is here to stay. After at least five years in the making, and filling an important gap in the sustainability industry, there’s no reason for ISSP Certification to be a temporary program.

In fact, in another post, we highlighted what we believe to be the 6 reasons why ISSP Certification will last.

Are You Ready to Stand Out with an ISSP Certification?

Whether you are new to sustainability or an experienced sustainability practitioner, we recommend that exam candidates participate in an ISSP Exam Prep training course with an approved ISSP Education Partner.

Remember that the ISSP Certification exams specifically evaluate a candidate’s understanding of professional terms and ISSP’s interpretations of sustainability practices. The ISSP Job Task Analysis is comprised of best practices and guidelines based on years of research, surveys, and contribution from various stakeholders. It is because of this unique set of knowledge that individuals should invest in an appropriate training program meant to prepare candidates for this specific exam.

The ISSP Certification exams are available for purchase now on the ISSP website. The exams themselves are administered through a third-party test-proctoring company called Kryterion, which has test centers in many locations around the world. There is also an option through Kryterion for remote web-based proctoring, whereby candidates test from home and receive impartial proctoring through a webcam.

For more information about the ISSP Certification program, please give us a call at (800) 460-2575 or email [email protected].

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