ISSP Sustainability Associate Exam Prep

ISSP Sustainability Associate (ISSP-SA) is the first global credential for defining and explaining key topics related to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

ISSP Certification strengthens the hiring process by highlighting clear knowledge areas and technical skills of sustainability professionals. As this field matures, practitioners can use this tool to demonstrate credibility to clients and employers.


Stand Out with a Professional Sustainability Certification

With this ISSP Sustainability Associate training, you'll be able to begin working in the sustainability industry and making improvements on your company's bottom line (and the environment).

Improve Your Knowledge

What was once considered the "wild west," the corporate sustainability industry has evolved to include an agreed-upon set of practices. The ISSP-SA credential represents an understanding of knowledge, skills, and abilities that corporate sustainability practitioners should have in their toolbox.

Expand Your Business Offerings

Though the sustainability industry has agreed upon a level of competence for its practitioners, many businesses are still trying to find ways to incorporate sustainable practices into their operations. The ISSP-SA Certification can help you to become a leader and change-maker across many different business sectors.

Gain Credibility

ISSP Certification is third-party verification of your competency in six domains of knowledge. Though you could sum up your achievement as saying you have a sustainability certification, it's so much more than that. With this training, you'll possess the much-needed skills of the future. These skills are no longer reserved for just the sustainability person on staff; sustainability is everyone's responsibility, and YOU can lead the charge!

"The ISSP brand is a known and respected global entity in the field, and can help to open doors and conversations."

- Marilyn Johnson


How to Get the ISSP-SA Certification

If you are interested in sustainability, this is the BEST place to begin your journey. In addition, this course is approved as ISSP Sustainability Associate Exam Prep, so we will teach you what you need to know to pass the ISSP exam and earn a professional sustainability certification.
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1. Take Our Online Course

This self-paced ISSP Sustainability Associate course consists of several short video presentations. Simply follow along on your computer.
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2. Review the Practice Questions

To help reinforce course content, we've included practice questions to evaluate your comprehension of the course materials.
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3. Sign Up for the ISSP Exam

After you've completed this training, you'll need to register and buy the official ISSP Sustainability Associate Certification exam.

Get 6 Months Access

With this foundational course, you will learn how to define and implement your organization's sustainability strategy. Let's remove the ambiguity that surrounds the term "sustainability" and put industry-supported concepts into action.
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What You'll Learn

  • What is ISSP Certification?
  • Defining Sustainability
  • Factors Driving Sustainability
  • Historically Significant Events
  • Frameworks of Sustainability
  • Regulatory Trends & Policies
  • How to Implement a Sustainability Strategy
  • Materiality Analysis
  • Greenhouse Gas Inventorying

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ISSP Sustainability Associate Exam Prep



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"Gaining the ISSP-SA credential boosted my confidence, and helped raise my profile as both a facilities manager and sustainability professional."

- KK Leong


Quick Answers to Your ISSP Questions

Who is this class intended for?

This class is intended for supply chain managers, purchasing agents, facilities managers, health and safety officers, accountants, chief financial officers, product development teams, and anyone involved in setting direction, managing risk, and developing environmental and climate change strategy for an organization!

What course materials come with this course?

In addition to the online course presentation, you'll have access to online practice questions and the official ISSP-SA Study Guide.

Is the exam included with the course?

No, the ISSP organization has a section on its website where you purchase and register for the exam. However, if you need the exam to be bundled into the training package for employer/state reimbursement reasons, we can work with you to make that happen!

Where and when can I take the exam?

The exam is taken with ISSP’s exam proctoring partner, Kryterion, either online or at one of their centers. Exams are administered on a year-round basis.

Does the ISSP-SA credential expire?

Yes, ISSP Certification is valid in 2-year intervals. To renew your certification, you'll need to participate in continuing education and pay a renewal fee to ISSP every 2 years.

Is Everblue an ISSP Education Partner?

Yes! We were one of the first ISSP Education Partners, actually.

As an ISSP Education Partner, our curriculum has not only been approved by ISSP but is also recommended for helping candidates like you pass the ISSP-SA exam!

When you register for our ISSP-SA training program, you'll get immediate access to the course as well as the official ISSP Study Guide. You'll also receive a free ISSP Membership, which provides access to an exclusive social network of sustainability professionals, invitations to local sustainability events, and connection to professional resources and job postings.