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Becoming a Sustainable Business

How To Transition Your Business To a Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Business Model

Becoming a Sustainable Business

More and more organizations are starting to adopt sustainable business practices, to the point where they are actually creating sustainability departments. The goal of a sustainability department is to help a company ensure its long-term future by analyzing supply chain procedures and adapting them to allow a more efficient and cost-effective process.

The number of modifications made to an organization’s operations depends on its size and impact. In some cases, minimal operational modifications may result in an entirely sustainable organization. For others, overall sustainability could be a longer and more complicated process.

The initial steps in developing a sustainability department include the following: seeing the need for sustainability, making the commitment to corporate sustainability, budgeting to allow for a sustainability department, and hiring a certified sustainability manager.

Sustainable business benefits people as well as the environment.It may be best to put together a task force of representatives from multiple departments within the organization to determine whether sustainability will benefit the company. Part of this process includes developing an updated budget that features the new sustainability department, along with a list of departmental goals and objectives. The task force will then present their findings to the executive leaders who will make the ultimate decision to commit to sustainability. The final step in securing a sustainability department would be hiring a certified sustainability manager who would take the lead on implementing sustainable business practices while also educating employees, clients, and vendors. Again, depending on the size of the organization, the sustainability department may be limited to the certified sustainability manager, or shared by a full department with several members.

In the beginning, a company’s sustainability department may start projects on its own, but more likely, it will work with other departments in the company to adapt existing business procedures to a more sustainable process. These kinds of partnered activities promote the idea that sustainability is the responsibility of all. Becoming a sustainable business does not simply mean having a sustainability department; corporate sustainability is a mindset applicable to all areas of business activity and can drastically save money and increase productivity for all parties involved.

Everblue’s ISSP Sustainability Associate training was created to educate individuals from all backgrounds on the theories and values of sustainable business. No sustainability department can flourish without having a leader who possesses the knowledge and experience necessary to implement change within an organization.

Whether you want to be the leader of a sustainability department, or you simply want to understand the sustainable business practices that are starting to take over your organization, Everblue’s corporate sustainability training is perfect for you! We’ll help you navigate the mysterious world of sustainability and help you to think critically about your organization’s daily operations.

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